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Reptilian Starseeds The Repilitan race is often referred to as Reptoids, Lizzies, Dracos, Orions, Archons, Shapeshifters, etc. Apr 15, 2018 · If you are of European descent and want to understand your true history You will see the ancient heritage you share with your fellow Pleiadian Caucasians. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life. Your Tax Free Donations Are Appreciated and Help Fund our Volunteer Website and Orphanage Pleiadian 30,142 post karma 6,086 comment karma send a private message redditor for 7 years. Jun 25, 2015 · The secret galactic war video is extremely moving to me and ai suspect to a lot of others After thinking about this and other info like this for a long while I keep coming up with the following question and I feel it is an extremely important one that deserves an answer…a true answer from truth: Jan 07, 2020 · China Went Dark in the Middle of the Day and a War in the Sky Ensued [video] Headlines and Updates for May 24, 2020: New Q & A Weekend to Remember & Honor [videos] We’ve Hit Rock Bottom: Growing Evidence of Strategic Attacks on Seniors Jan 24, 2018 · You remember some type of war you were part of-be it the Rebellion from Lyra as a Pleiadian, or the Orion-Lyra wars. The Reptilians always wanting to take everything in their ownership brought their star fleets to Earth and took over. You don’t like wars here on earth and want to help humanity find a new way of solving problems. ” I am part of the Galactic Federation and work with the walk-ins on the earth star planet as well as with all those other of my brethren engaged in humanitarian efforts. And major aliens races that I heard about were Nordics and Greys. " Shop for pleiadians art from the world's greatest living artists. The Pleiades were the seven daughters of the pre-Olympian Titan Atlas, and Pleione, a nymph. Greetings, beloved people of Terra. 8. All of humanity originates from the Lyran system. And why they all seem so insane to you. The end of the Mayan calendar triggers the dawning of the Age of Light, signaling the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, when mankind will make a great a great evolutionary leap forward. , has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad. D. Oct 26, 2016 · February 20, 2020 dbdrysdale Reply. I come to you today, lovely beings, to respond to a question asked of me, "Ho Apr 22, 2020 · Sundeelia: Observations from a Pleiadian Perspective via Eliza Ayres I AM Sundeelia. [3] Yes, they tend to be tall, but can be as short as 5’6″. According to sources the Pleiadians allegedly inhabit a number of planets withing the Pleaides star system including planets by the names of Erra, Ptaah, Quetzal and Semjase with Erra current serving as a home planet for the Pleiadians. Earth has continued to evolve on its own without direct Pleiadian leadership till our present time. My Dear Friends . In 1969, she discovered that astrology was an exceedingly accurate diagnostic tool, and she began her study The mystery missile that was fired off the coast of California has been solved according to Colleen Thomas, a Pleiadian contact. According to the Pleiadians, a very powerful time to anchor peace on Earth has begun in November 2008: Day Six of the Galactic Underworld of the Mayan Calendar, which lasts until November 2009. May 14, 2015 · 2012-Pleiadian Truth, The War we can not see, NWO Illuminati Alien UFO Connection P1 Join the EDF! Pleiadian Situation Update The Pleiadians are regaining territory inside our Solar System fast and have already recovered to the degree that is comparable to the situation in May 2016. 15 minutes ago · Automatically held “I’m a believer in ETs & UFOs & spirituality etc but I have 100% proof Eddie is a faker. ” Henok, later called Henoch, was also the first prophet on Earth. 46 quotes from Barbara Marciniak: 'Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence. 50,000 warrior-colonists from seven different Pleiadian Human worlds were landed here about 3,600 years ago as part of an ongoing war with the Reptilians. Dec 25, 2018 · 16 Signs That You Could Be A Pleiadian Starseed: 1. You are an outsider. Ragnorok Has Already Happened – Anunnaki/Pleiadian War. Choose your favorite pleiadians designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! PLEIADIAN FAMILY is the official website of the Pleiadian Group of 8. The book as a piece of literature fails to credit source material as 1. His body was laid out for honors and his soul returned to our Source. The Anunnaki, chemtrails, autism, and other topics are also discussed. Pleiadian Message: New Dawning Posted on 01/07/2020 by EraOfLight — 8 Comments ↓ Beloved ones we greet you, Open up to this pure wave of light, which is flowing from the heavenly bodies down to you to support you on your unique journey. It is a very beautiful being, with a masculine expression. PLANET ERRA - Home of the Pleiadians / Plejarans The well-known seven-star formation of the Pleiades is an open cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus, that is about 420 light years, on average, from our Earth - and consists of relatively young stars and planets. We (a collective of Pleiadian consciousness) ‘came back in time to give a frequency’ to change human DNA back to the original 12 strands. This resulted in the first Galactic war intended as a rebellion over the Lyrans creation of the 12D Christos template human seedings that first began on Planet Tara . Oct 19, 2017 · Russell Granston is a world traveler and adventurer as well as esoteric writer. Ironically, Maldek took the arrival of the Pleiadian fleet as a provocation, and used it to Oct 19, 2015 · Many Pleiadian hostages have been rescued lately from Syria by Russian Spetsnaz agents, with those agents thinking they are just rescuing human prisoners of war from Syrian prisons. (April 23) May 17, 2020 · 5/17/2020 12:12:00 PM - Channelings, Messages, Pleiadian, Sharon Stewart, Spirituality May 17, 2020 I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Latest Dec 25, 2017 · zion state of jer''usa''lem . They claim the Earth is 626 billion years old. But by 1964, U. Jun 30, 2018 · From an incarnated Pleiadian to a Pure Pleiadian. It all comes together. 31, Inner Traditions / Bear & Co Apr 07, 2019 · They are family oriented. Get some popcorn, be aware. Avatars of the “New Age” philosophy, Pleiadians (aka. 4. Pleiadian Delta Forces Send Message To Earth Regarding Coronavirus And Arrests For Crimes Against Humanity!! Soren: You’ll see many who are supposedly getting the Virus. Generally, they are Caucasian. By Gabriel RL. See more ideas about The pleiades, Starseed, Star cluster. Did you ever think you would be living through a war in the U. We Unite With Planet Earth In The Sacredness Of Creation! NOW Is The Moment To Pull The Veil Down! No More Guessing And Peeking Behind The Curtain When You Are Lost In Thoughts! II **Blue Star the Pleiadian speaking of God** “God Is” Now, I have observed over my long, long lifetime that far too many humans concern themselves with the affairs of the intelligentsia rather than the affairs of the GodHead. There are both good and bad Reptilians in the universe, unfortunately we barely hear about the good kind since the lower dimensional types are so set in their ways of war and tyranny. They genetically modified humans to 2 strands of DNA. The Pleiadians Joel Hasse October 12, 2017 3. I have seen four distinct types of Pleiadians: the ancestral orange colored mollusc Pleiadian, the light blue Pleiadian, short-faced Pleiadian, and human type Pleiadians with human (chimpanzee) ears. com/user?u=4064105 The Anunnaki (also transcribed as Anunaki, Annunaki, Anunna, Ananaki, and other variations) are a group of deities The earliest-known depiction of the Pleiades is likely a Northern German Bronze Age artifact known as the Nebra sky disk, dated to approximately 1600 BC. All pleiadians artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Deutsche Uebersetzung . This blog invites people to help anchor peace on Earth. ; the last Pleiadian leader called Plejas left Earth for good, because Pleiadians finally achieved peace back home in the Pleiades. It's not an easy story to hear. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Oct 27, 2008 · Thank you for visiting the Pleiadian Peace Plan blog. It would surprise many of you to know there are actual planetary beings living among you. It will manifest as violence, fear, war, etc. There are also the 3 Pure P’s, +++ JIOPLEE KAPEIL MOKIEK (who are not Q) In UFOlogy, Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials purported to come from the Pleiades who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians. Excerpts from the Pleiadian channeled book Comes The Awakening: Realizing The Divine Nature of Who You Are . A six part series of Pleiadian insights originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence What the world needs now is love We the Pleiadians have been greatly saddened by the affairs on planet Earth, and so it is that we hope to offer a bit of wisdom and ideas that will encourage and help. in fact, it doesn't even scare the other side into submission or change of heart or mind. The various civilizations within the realm of Pleiadian suns developed independently yet with a common thread of understanding of self. According to myth, the Pleiades, named Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Celaeno, Merope, and Asterope, were dedicated to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. The Reptilian Anunnaki and the Pleiadian Ansos and Deiwos have been at war with each other for aeons and have struggled against each other over the fate of man and the world as a whole. High Forces of Light operations behind the scenes have organized some fronts to counteract the final cards of the old systems. The Pleiadians are a peaceful race of beings that have never had a war amongst their people in their entire existence within their civilisation. GOD-BLESS YOU ! ***** eraoflight. Battle of The Anunnaki/Pleiadian Gods An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds. org May 2, 2020 News and Views – 5-3-20 May 2, 2020 Cleanse, Transmute with The Violet Flame May 2, 2020 Apr 22, 2015 · PLEIADIAN PROPHECY 2015 - 2017: World Revolution! James Partsch-Galvan. In the war between good and bad, light and dark, capitalism and communism, religion and atheism, tremendous amounts of radioactive substances have been raped out of Gaia. Jan 09, 2020 · Conflict Usa Iran | Australia | Diplomatic Actions. Given the recent state of affairs on this planet, I will admit to being in a state of observing the great awakening which is beginning… The Pleiadian guides that come to people in dreams, visions, and meditation are imbued with Divine feminine even if they are masculine in nature. We see them through times of war like this one. Direct member of the Ashtar Command. You were born after 1968. Native Americans are of Pleiadian descent, [2] or white people are of Lyran descent, [4] or humans are of no notable relation to either. Many accounts place the … May 26, 2004 · hehe,some years ago I read some articles about UFOs and aliensIt was about ten years ago. Feb 23, 2019 · Channeled from the 9D Pleiadian Collective – by Octavia Vasile – About your timelines – 5-1-20 – via Rose Rambles . com Mira of the Pleiades: Pleiadian Participation 5-6 minutes I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. May 22, 2018 · Only this much - the Pleiades Star Cluster is probably one of the areas in the Universe most unfriendly to life. patreon. We of the high council see that so many are struggling with rising higher in your ascension and we have conceived a plan to help you with this. “Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living”, p. perhaps it’s wiser to consider the atlantis era people who had knowledge that seems to of been exploited by the annunaki. People will go through an initial denial phase, as they are confronted with new realities. Lightworkers and starseeds are the ones who can turn this war into peace. from Examiner Website Michael Prince, an active duty whistleblower trained to be a cyborg super soldier assassin in SS and MI-6 U. Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 🙂 I. The Pleiades were also nymphs in the train of Artemis, and together with the seven Hyades (`rainmakers' or `piglets Nostradamus 2019 prediction: Trump assassination attemt, War and Hard Brexit Nostradamus’ frightening prophecies and predictions have baffled critics and followers alike for centuries – but did Nostradamus have any prophetic dreams for the year 2019? Meet Blue Star the Pleiadian – I am Blue Star the Pleiadian; I am a member of the Pleiadian Guardians, I am a teacher and warrior. There are over 2,000 planets in the Pleiadian Star System and all of them are differently developed on different dimensions. Feb 23, 2018 · There is a war going on between the demons. The CA governor is insurrection against the U. The following chronology of Earth history dates back more than 22 million years Tags esoteric nine global awakening new world order personal reflections Pleiadian wisdom Q-Anon shift of consciousness war April 14, 2018 Author Maryann Reflecting on the Immanence of Change: War? Tags esoteric nine global awakening new world order personal reflections Pleiadian wisdom Q-Anon shift of consciousness war April 14, 2018 Author Maryann Reflecting on the Immanence of Change: War? Aug 30, 2017 · Chapter 3, Part 2: The War In Heaven, The Corruption Of Utopia, and The Maldek/Mars War. Some are part of the Galactic Federation and some not. the ongoing repeat reincarnation family of the bull god fathers ''human clans'' after the take over of eden . The body is a vehicle. Yesterday at 7:12 AM · and glimmers of light that come through daily. We have reached a nexus in the flow of the timelines of your reality at which it becomes important for you to understand certain crucial matters. Mar 13, 2019 · PLEIADIAN PROPHECY NIBIRU TO TRIGGER THE EVENT ANNUNAKI VS PLEIADIAN GALACTIC WAR 2019 1,171 views 124 6 Share Save TheAlienContactee Published on Mar 10, 2019 BRAND NEW ALIEN SUNDAY !!!! Today i t… Pleiadians (channeled messages) Channeled messages from a variety of sources in the Pleiadian star system are posted here. They are working directly with humans, as the government has compromised itself, with the mountain of lies that have been told. The Pleiadian’s are of a fifth dimensional frequency, which is one of love and creativity; a Goddess Society (which worships family, children, women). The winter solstice on December 21, 2004 will open a new quarter and a new year of the earth's revolution around the sun. government intelligence agencies had concluded that the Gray-Reptilian alliance was planning a world takeover scheduled for conclusion by 2030. Pleiadian DNA was used to create Human DNA on Earth thousands upon thousands of years ago. Pleiadian Message[1] On many occasions, Billy was allowed to learn many things about our history. Before leaving Earth, the Pleiadians left a spiritual leader called Jmmanuel, who later was known as Jesus. com. She says the US government was firing an ICBM at Iran and was intercepted by the Pleidians. Jan 28, 2020 · 300,000 years ago the Anunnaki Creator Gods beat the Family of Light in a war for ownership of the Earth. You are spiritually oriented but you are against religion. Awaken and realize the divine nature of who you are. Hot Topics – 4/6/13 class. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It’s beginning to happen now. 00 plus $3. 04/06/2020 – End of the world: The Bible !!! 03/27/2020 – Look at the stats of COVID-19 without China !!! 03/17/2020 – Leaked Public Health Document : Aug 06, 2013 · Suzanne Lie, Ph. PLANETARY MASS ARRESTS OF ALL BEINGS THAT HARM THE CITIZENS OF HUMANITY ARE IMMINENT… was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary of Lyran descent. The Galactic Federation used the Atlans and the refugee Maldekians against the Dracos on Venus, Luna and Lemuria on Earth. It is a well balanced energy of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies coming together to show examples of proper equality, unlike what we have had on earth yet. Our galaxy is full of species, including Short Grays, Tall Grays, Tall Whites, Reptilians (yes, snicker if you wish, but that is mere nervous laughter ;-)) and very advanced Nordics, for whom we all are a White Trash planet. by Alfred Lambremont Webre Seattle Exopolitics Examiner. Processing War, Death, & Destruction The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on how to deal with the wars, death, and destruction in the world. Oct 31, 2018 · You remember some type of war you were part of-be it the Rebellion from Lyra as a Pleiadian, or the Orion-Lyra wars. 24 hours of reddit Apr 16, 2020 · Barbara Hand Clow is an international lecturer and workshop teacher and writer. Gyatso who translated the first Buddhist books into English language. Atlas (`he who dares' or `suffers'; from the Indo-European tel-, tla-, `to lift, support, bear'), another titan, led their war against the gods, and was afterward condemned by Zeus to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. ~ Grace Mara The Pleiades are called the "Seven Sisters" and "Messier 45" are an open star cluster containing B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. The diaspora had taken humans into the beyond of what had been understood and experienced, brought them into contact with new teachers, new influences, new opportunities to grow in their knowledge of divinity. When greys were defeated and two of their planets Oct 12, 2019 · Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via: Sharon Stewert 10-10-2019 This is Mira of the Pleiadian high council with a message for lightworkers and starseeds upon earth. Award-winning photo of a man standing in a snow field and staring at the Milky Way, which is pointing upward. Some can be on the same time here and in the future by dividing their consciousness and transferring it into two bodies. We will hear you and then come. The early mollusc Pleiadian race. Pleiadian starseed humans are extremely loyal. This is where humanity was first seeded trillions of years ago by the Felines. The Pleiadian Mission to Earth A Mission to Earth from the Pleiades—The Pleiadians come to Earth n 1685—The importance of the New Age—The meaning of our lives, religion, science, social development, history, and spiritual understanding— Interfering with history to cause certain May 08, 2017 · Pleiadian Compounds in Argentina? We know that after World War 2 many Germans retreated to Argentina to start new lives away from the former war-zone, and we are aware Hitler’s vision was one of reviving a pure blonde haired, blue eyed, Nordic race to inherit the earth. Conscious Life Expo – 2012 Apr 26, 2020 · Pleiadian Download Codes, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, Preventing Civil Unrest Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is: ∞068∞-∞P3A3P3A3A3∞-∞E7C7C7C7C7C7∞-∞B1(T)(T)∞” Aug 23, 2016 · The 1934 treaty apparently lapsed during the Second World War but was renewed as the Grenada Treaty in 1954, during the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower. Pleiadian alien woman Aliens And Ufos Ancient Aliens Les Aliens Unexplained Phenomena Unexplained Mysteries Ufo Footage Us Navy Submarines Alien Ship Unidentified Flying Object Yes, according to an anonymous source, Klika spotted a strange object through the periscope of the submarine while on this particular Arctic excursion. 00 postage. By year 2000, the Pleiadians were to help bring all humans on Earth into the light. The Pleiades in Ancient Greek Cosmology. They brought dolphins to our world. We Unite With Planet Earth In The Sacredness Of Creation! NOW Is The Moment To Pull The More Guessing And Peeking Behind The Curtain When You Are Lost In Thoughts! 2. These beings are both non-physical + also incarnated into human bodies. Apr 22, 2020 · Sundeelia: Observations from a Pleiadian Perspective via Eliza Ayres I AM Sundeelia. Sep 15, 2018 · Evidence from Ari about the photo Eddie claimed was a console of a Pleiadian ship: Paul L. Jul 10, 2012 · -Channeled through Wes Annac-You are being Guided in every moment of your existence to turn toward the continually pure energies of Joy and harmony that are making their way to your world at all times, and as you find yourselves able to tap into the reservoir of unlimited energy that has always been available to you, you will find that your body complexes in general seem to have much energy Thread by @Kabamur_Taygeta: #PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE 1. 04. Jun 11, 2019 · The Pleiadians are here to help raise your frequency. Why are we at war? My new book, "Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living," answers these questions with hard-to-take information from the Pleiadians. If people haven’t dealt with their stuff, it’s going to hit them hard. Feb 16, 2016 - Explore jennyecash's board "Pleiadians", followed by 201 people on Pinterest. Pleiadians have kept a record of the complete history of Earth's human evolution from the very beginning to our present time. Also war gezeuget durch Gabriel und geboren durch das irdische Weib Sarana der Henok, der da belehrte die Menschenkinder der Erde und der also lebete 366 Jahre. Pleiadian subspecies 1. You feel that you are from other worlds. Posted on December 21, 2017 by zunking. Identity known to First Family. intelligence networks, has stated that World War III, a war between hostile extraterrestrial civilizations and the human civilization has started. It is important that we know where we came from, where our family originated and what our ties are. Mass contact is necessary now because there’s a war on for the minds and the perceptions of the people of Earth. Your high vibration will win War re-enactments, sudden death, body beliefs, Mayans & planning of their cycle, Sandy Hook, India & abuse of women, fear & owning a weapon, the new era & unique talents blossoming, stability & the family, ETs, entitlements and more. . They felt it was time for humans to evolve on their own. The coming year will activate discoveries that challenge our most basic assumptions about ourselves, the planet, and the cosmos. Pleiadian Delta Forces Deployed To Every Corner Of Earth!! A MAJOR CELESTIAL ALIGNMENT AND THE LARGEST STARSEED MASS MEDITATION IN HISTORY COMING UP AS THE 2020 STARGATE PREPARES TO OPEN!. 5. Nov 27, 2017 · 7th Dimensional Master Teacher from Pleiadian Star System that James Interacts with As of Nov 19th, the councils have all met and agreed the Pleiadians – due to their terraforming of the Earth before the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, and having more genetic stock, plant, animal and human on Earth, will be in charge of establishing once again Jun 18, 2015 · A lot of fear will come up. Jun 12, 2018 · eddie page : part ii: pleiadian messenger – future predictions June 12, 2018 This is a continuation of my interview with Eddie Page delving into more detail including his predictions of the impending attack by the DRACO in force and arrival of the Pleiadian mother ship. Simply uttering this out loud and being of this intention will suffice. Barbara Marciniak (1998). But the Reptilians always are bullies destroyed these empires in a great war with the Pleiadians. Feb 1, 2015 - Explore PleiadianUK's board "Pleiades & Pleiadians", followed by 237 people on Pinterest. Their atmosphere is the same type as on earth, although the light there is a bit hazier. The white hats are taking control and winning. The great empires of Atlantis and Lemuria were built by the Pleiadians and Sirians. Mlirlord, my Pleiadian brother and son of Brgtlord and Nclord, was killed in battle last week while defending our planet Earth. Given the recent state of affairs on this planet, I will admit to being in a state of observing the great awakening which is beginning… Pleiadian EBEs. Around the same time, the Pleiadian Council asked the Galactic Federation of Lyran Refugees to get the imperialistic Atlans out of the Plieadies. Pleiadian Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet Ashtar Command. ', 'Sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greates gems of light. But wtf dude, so you’ve just been lying to me about everything else so I can blindly do what is best for your goal while I’m contently under a different impression of exactly whats going on in my reality. Battle of The Anunnaki/Pleiadian Gods [Sinclair, Andrew, Fidler, Miss Michelle] on Amazon. Share this: Direct Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Taygeta) (24) Sep 12, 2018 · This is it: the Alliance is at war with the Cabal as we speak It’s been said in the news that Russia and China, among other countries, are deploying 300. Pleiadian DNA has been used to develop many human beings in this universe, including those of our solar system on Venus, Mars, Maldeck and Earth. 133 followers | 1,363,849 views. You are harmonious. Professed contactees describe them as being six to seven feet tall (about two meters) with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. 3. S. The Graham Dewyea interviews the “Hugh-Man” on Our Galactic Family, April 1, 2012. Much love to you, my brother. Man will communicate and interact freely with dolphins much more one day. Stars are young hot Type A and Type B stars -> too young to sport life in these systems and they will die before enough time passed to Pleiadian Tales #43. The Pleiadians were Starseeded by the Vega. Nov 13, 2016 · 9 thoughts on “ Pleiadian Message: 911 ” Ok fine, so we’re on a spaceship, I understand that and feel it. Many know him from his reading tarot on the streets around the globe. The normal Pleiadian humanoid nephilim alien demons are entering into dolphins and whales, if they cannot find human bodies to enter. You will learn where fascism, communism, liberalism, and Zionism comes from. She has her own Facebook channel and engages on a the wider aspects of Pleiadian intelligence The underground DUMB’s war (Deep Underground Military Bases) happening now between dark hats and white hats. I also read something about war between these two species. All it Check out this great listen on Audible. Carol is a Pleiadian soul channel, and has her perspective on the Corona lock down situtaion, forcusing on higher spiritual conscioussness and awareness. 000 soldiers, more than 1000 planes, helicopters and drones, 36. Pleiadian rebels? They have a choice. As with the Zetas they enjoy creating light shows mentally, except that the Pleiadians can put this on the automatic and let the emotions control the light show. See more ideas about Spirituality, Starseed, Metaphysics. They have been known since antiquity to cultures all around the world, including the Celts, Hawaiians (who call them Makaliʻi), Māori (who call them Matariki), Aboriginal Australians (from several traditions), the Persians (who called them پروین Parvīn or Mar 20, 2016 · UFO and paranormal researchers have made the bizarre claim that a sleeper cell of members of an alien race known as the Pleiadians or Nordic aliens — an extraterrestrial humanoid species from the Pleiades cluster of stars — has been uncovered in a remote area of rural Argentina. The Pleiades are a prominent sight in winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and are easily visible out to mid-Southern latitudes. Dolphins are Pleiadians. We must tell you that Earth is certainly a diverse enough planet that many can come here and integrate without any problems at all. I have a most important message for this day. The Anu virus has infected the entire Earth-human race. We await contact from the Pleiadian that will continue with the Tales. Strong connection. Help stuff up Germany’s chance of winning the war or die. This has deenergized the elemental world, polluted the emotional bodies of Earth, stressed the Pleiadian heart, and shut out Sirian geometrical expansion. Status message You are currently viewing our site as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions, videos and photo galleries. They love so freely. Their motives were unknown but probably nordics were good and greys were evil. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED DURING THE ANNUNAKI-PLEIADIAN WAR? ARTEMIS BECAME A BITCH! - Helpful Blogs and Articles Pleiadian Collective About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective. The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. Mar 08, 2020 · Headlines and Updates for April 29, 2020: New Q & The Information War is Sizzling Hot & The Underground Updates [videos] ~ April 29, 2020 News Burst 29 April 2020 – Live Feed ~ April 29, 2020 2100 Caged Children Liberated and Saved by U. Generally, a Pleiadian will manifest anywhere from blonde to even some black-haired, or very dark-brown-haired strains. She majored in philosophy at Seattle University, then behavioral psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle, and then began extensive reading and study of Reichian, Freudian and Jungian Psychology. Q2 comes and goes freely. They inhabit many control structures within our society. May 27, 2019 · Commander Ukeron is an expression/dressing coming from a star system of the Pleiades. The standard Pleiadian is a mixture of the different genotypes we've talked about. May 27, 2019 · Meet Commander Ukeron from Galactic Pleiadian Delta Security Forces Commander Ukeron is an expression/dressing coming from a star system of the Pleiades. My guest this week is the “Hugh-Man from Venus,” where in his first public interview ever, he will talk about his work with a team of Pleiadians who are part of the First Contact team of extraterrestrials who will make themselves known on earth. ) The Pleiadian's or 3) other's like Buddhist author K. It has been a while since I have shared my thoughts with you. The Babylonian star catalogues name the Pleiades MUL MUL (𒀯𒀯), meaning "stars" (literally "star star"), and they head the list of stars along the ecliptic, reflecting the fact that they were close to the point of vernal equinox around The Pleiadians either came from a group called the Lyrans, or coexisted with the Lyrans, or the distinctions between Lyran, Pleiadian, and Sirians don't really exist. The following is a brief description of Pleiadian Culture on the home planet of Erra. gifts on behalf of /u/Pleiadian have helped pay for 11. We Speak Only Truth And Tell You T… Oct 11, 2019 · I of the earth, Lightworker by name of (insert your name here) wish to have Pleiadian assistance in this now. ', and 'For those who confuse you, recognize that Jan 10, 2020 · Rituals, war + all forms of trauma are multi-dimensional acts which transfer energy from a human victim to another being. Many of us at this time on this planet know that we have lived on other worlds. 2. In the latter half, "Pleiadian Ambassador," Christine Day talked about how she's spent years traveling the world helping people connect with the Pleiadians, Lemurians and spiritual the reptilian conquerors Kissing Cousin To The Reptilian Beings What I'm about to reveal here may seem the most fantastical yet of all the writings I've offered on this website, but that does not deter me in the least. The Pleiadian University of Wisdom. K. He has had many real life experiences with ghosts, Bigfoot and aliens and fearlessly investigates these experiences. Medium-sized, dark-brown hair, wearing dark-blue overalls Oct 23, 2008 · The Draco let it go on as they can make it fit into their plans of keeping people in fear and insecurity and there is a mass of wealth to be earned through warfare. Pelosi goes out into a crowd… to support people who burned historical monuments and defaced Federal property. Jul 09, 2018 · The Future Without Wars Posted by highelvenwisdomandlove July 9, 2018 Posted in Project Elvenstar Tags: peace on earth , war solutions A very strong message from our Family of Light is trying to send humanity right now is that disagreements with other souls does not always have to end up in violence. In all my Pleiadian star seeded years on earth in observation of humanity, I have never ONCE heard in all the ages of earth that violence makes the other person think more highly of the other. This is code for they are being arrested for crimes against humanity. 7. We are all Souls having a temporary physical experience. I say die because apparently the Draco are the most feared war race known. The Lyran Wars are the very first seed of Anti-Christ conflict recorded in the Universal Time Matrix, in which the Black Hole Entities intended to conquer the entire Milky Way system. We’re going to see some intense things. May 30, 2019 · Contact with Pleiadian ETs ~ Part Two. The Pleiadians are said to be a collection of alien species who hail from a small star system in the Taurus constellation, Pleiades. Next Friday the 12th, this energy will peak. Seth. It seems the Grays, a separate race, have chosen the side of the Reptilians, but another race, the Sirians, have allied with the Pleiadians. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other users, upload videos and photos in your own photo album and access many other special features. And a group of enlightened beings known as the Pleiadians will be th Oct 26, 2015 · Pleiadian Starship Pi – Update by ‘The Captain’ October 26, 2015 by Elias Further to my recent update on our present Reval mission last week on Thursday, October 22, I would like to share with our readers some information about our Pleiadian Starship Pi and her future missions for the unfoldment of the Ascension process for this planet. The Pleiadian races are the most similar to humans, even with regard to the ease with which we believe something or have faith. Latest channeling from the Pleiadians. There still exists newly developing 3D planets in the Pleiades, but the Pleiadians that communicate with us are usually 6D and 9D. if all humans are somewhat reptilian, than it probably wasn’t a bad thing, because I believe the reptilian beings are behind just about every war there’s been. pleiadian light forces transmission - 4112020 - channeled by michael love 14. When we experience first contact, we will find that the nearest race of beings in our Galaxy as far as appearances are concerned are the Lyrans and the Pleiadians. It simply makes the other side angry and go to war more with you. Slowly but surely I am learning the truth and boy is it hard to grasp/believe it since I have been brain washed. The Sun conjunction the Central Sun of the Pleiades Constellation: Alcyone, and there is a really good image from the SOHO satellite which captures this… Jun 24, 2010 · Pleiadian Message to the people of Earth Numerous benevolent alien races have been working with human kind, to assist in our spiritual growth. May 18, 2020 · SPECIAL heartfelt "THANK-YOU'S" to all the PLEADIANS helping us ARREST these inter-galactic and inter-dimensionals CRIMINALS. Now first, NESARA will be announced just as soon as it all flows together, and it is flowing, my friends. You are a technophile. @ 5:23 in video he shows inside the mother ship but that photo is a snapshot from a video game called “Secret World Legends” taken in the headquarters of the illuminati. 000 tanks and up to 80 ships and vessels to a so called “Voltok war games” – a war exercise. Randy Cramer had stated that unless the green, advanced technologies now sequestered by the Breakaway civilization are released for Earth’s public good, Capt. Winter's seems to dumb down the Buddhist themes in his discourse on meditation. June 5, 2011 . After an LSD trip gone awry, in Mar 21, 2009 · "Genocide of a Sub-Culture," is the term I coined to reflect the way our culture has been divided and sub-divided and the background of ancestral diversity which lends credence to the creation of offshoots of the main branches of the "TREE OF LIFE," is systematically and meticulously being snuffed out by using such tactics like the "drug war Suzanne Lie, Ph. It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. The sky is a bit hazier in some places. RE: History of the Pleiadian and Anunnaki Wars - 2000BC (Posted: 12-20-2018, 09:40 AM) wow, I'm so glad I stumbled onto your site. Since he was a child he was fascinated by tales of Bigfoot, aliens, and the Loch Ness Monster. At about 10 A. People will see each other for what they really are. we won’t stop these things from destroying us completely if we don’t The Pleiadians consider instead that, in having lost the war (as, they will remind you, all participants in a war always do -- no one ever wins a war) and having been forced to flee their home worlds, they gained a significant opportunity for growth and further development. In a previous interview, USMCss Capt. Apr 02, 2010 · "The Pleiadian realms, the planets are roughly about 90 to 95 percent water. Direct member of the Ashtar Command . They typically all belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. Here is a video of an encounter with Nordic aliens in Jun 25, 2013 · In the first half, documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones spoke about the Edward Snowden case, the death of journalist Michael Hastings, the recent Bilderberg meeting, and related topics. We have been cut off from our history. Jan 06, 2017 · The Alcyone Pleiadian High Council — Channeled by Artemis Pax, Ground Crew, The Galactic Federation of Light As we mentioned in our previous messages, one of the things we are trying to assist The Anu Age of Darkness (3500 BC - Now) began with the Anunnaki INVASION into the Earth-human genome in the Bronze Age and their subsequent HIJACKING of the original civilization seeded by Pleiadian and Sirian family of light. So is this Pleiadian myth linked to the Nazi era? Yes, It must be. God wins. 2020 20:56 Michael Love A MESSAGE OF HOPE AND LOVE FOR THE STARSEEDS OF EARTH THAT COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE PLEIADIANS. ) his own, 2. The eyes are generally light blue to a light brown - Caucasian. Dec 21, 2017 · History of the Pleiadian and Anunnaki Wars – 2000BC. I command a star ship we call the “Sedora. Q1 (QIPIO from Merope) – Q2 (ORITQ from Taygeta) Besides the ‚Q‘ in their names, Q is also playful code for Q on Star Trek. Feb 1, 2015 - Explore PleiadianUK's board "Pleiades & Pleiadians", followed by 239 people on Pinterest. James Partsch-Galvan Extended circles - Apr 18, 2015 #Jesus # May 20, 2020 · May 20, 2020 Today is a very amazing day whether you see, feel or recognize it because as the Sun enters the Gemini Constellation at 9:49 am EST. The Sirian and Andromedan fleet was not affected so strongly by the events in September and early October and was able to hold their positions better. EARTH´S DIVERSITY. Dec 29, 2016 · I would like to focus now on the Peiadian connection since Cobra has stated in past interviews that he is Pleiadian incarnated on earth and he retains his full memory of his past and is here is on a mission as part of the Resistance Movement for the liberation of the planet, and A’drieiuous we know is Pleiadian from New Lyra, and is here on . You may not realize this. Foo Fighters of World War II 3. Feb 22, 2018 · Patreon - https://www. There are some false Pleiadian traits listed but the one thing that was right, they do everything with their heart. Pleiadians report that certain elevated operations are taking place and that the attempt to unleash a Third World War is in vain. Purchase Two CDs: $20. They are incredibly some of the most sensitive humans I have ever met. They are so very kind and know exactly what to say. The Group of 8 was the "Ireland team" of a Pleiadian civilization mission (a collective of 40-plus members) that landed on Earth in 9500 BC and initiated the worldwide Neolithic Revolution. Cramer says the Breakaway civilization intends to eliminate Earth’s current surface-dwelling humans and replace them with humans that are now part of a secret Mars colony selected for its Sep 05, 2012 · 565. S Marines and Navy Seals from DeepState owned Underground Bases in California !~ October 19, 2019 Thank you for visiting the Pleiadian Peace Plan blog. 6. It was he who brought considerable information, knowledge, wisdom etc to the humankind at the time. abductors and slave masters of female ki cosmic spark birth mothers . PLEIADIAN PROPHECY - The Great Changeover 2013 - 2027 The Pleiadians predict the future from 2013 to 2027, channeled by Barbara Marciniak 03/17/13. We had a minor problem today, with an aircraft making an attempt at an uncloaked shuttle. Top intelligence personnel within GRU is aware of the extraterrestrial element of the Syrian situation. You are missing the awareness of time. In short, it was a Good Thing in the long run. pleiadian war

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